Rides 7/25

The main advantage of living much closer to work now is that I can leave the house later and I like that plenty. But if I leave a little earlier than later, I can stop at the grocery store on the way to work, which I did this morning. Admittedly, it would've gone better had I remembered to bring a lock with me, but I threw the Bromtpon into the cart and pushed it around a little as I shopped. I bought a few things and threw them in my bag and I was happy to use some of the things I bought to supplement my lunch and to leave the rest of the things in the mini-fridge in my office until the end of the day when back into the bag they went. I like to shop everyday, but shopping in the morning is a new thing for me and I think I like it. The store is emptier and also being able to grab some lunch on the way in is pretty nice and useful too.

It's gotten to be that the time I'm the happiest on the bike is when I'm riding (slowly) uphill. It just feels...calm. It's not exactly zen, but it's something quite good and I'm quite coming to savor it.

I'm still having grip problems, so I stopped at the bike shop on the way home to buy new grips and thought that I'd try to install them when I got home, but I couldn't find the right tool and so maybe I'll drop the bike and grips back off at the shop tomorrow and have them do it. Getting the current grips off is going to be maybe more of a hassle than I want to deal with and I still have $20 worth of bike commuter benefits and I'd be happy to exchange that money for labor, as we sometimes do in modern society. I mean, I'd try to use sea shells or whatever, but I'm pretty sure the shop doesn't take those. Oh also, funny, I managed to briefly lose the grips and freaked out a little, but then I found them and all was right with the world again. Did I mention that they're blue? They're blue.

Didn't think it was the hottest day, but soon proved myself wrong by staying out in the heat for more than a few minutes. Rode home in my work clothes thinking that would be a good idea and for the first 5 minutes of the ride, I rode faster than I could sweat. However, riding so fast only hastened the sweat. You can't outride sweat. It will catch you. It always catches you.

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  1. He's baaack. Yup, I'm observant, but you can only keep checking a seemingly dormant site for so long.

    If you're like me (and you're not), you'll add unnecessary mileage to your commute because it's not long enough. For me, I like to do at least 18 miles a day, so most times I add a bit to the loop on the way home. I see I'm responding to the wrong post there but am going to run with it anyway.