No Commutes 8/8

No commutes doesn't mean no rides though. I took two. One was from Tenleytown to work, after taking the bus from the place I dropped off the car, which was in Georgetown. I was getting the car cleaned. The second bike ride was back to the car and this was down Mass to Wisco down to P Street. Wisco isn't the best street for biking, especially after the parking lane becomes a parking lane, but the speeds through Glover Park and Georgetown are slow enough that any rider comfortable enough mixing it up in traffic only needs to worry about mixing it up with slow traffic, so that's something.

I love Capital Bikeshare. I don't know how people picked up their cars before without it. One of the funnier parts of Bikeshare is how the bikes hit their top speeds pretty early into descents and the rider doesn't benefit much from pedaling. It's enforced leisure. I like it.

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