Ride 8/18

Didn't think it was that hot this morning and arrived at work a sweaty mess anyway. Humidity is rough.

At the top of Cleveland, I make a left turn to Garfield. It's a weird intersection because its the confluence of three streets and none of them really cross at right angles. There's a left turn lane from Cleveland, but I'm rarely in it since there's normally a bunch of cars there and I'd rather not put myself between them and, well, basically anything else. Instead I do a kind of modified Copenhagen left, but without waiting for the green. It kind of works out fine in that I haven't been run over yet. It might not exactly be the best way to do it, but bike commuting is an iterative process and you get better at it by getting less bad at it everyday. Unless you don't.

Coming home was the same old jam until after the bridge, when I went down 19th, like I did yesterday. 18th has a few draws: there's the AdMo strip to look at and it once it starts going downhill, it doesn't go back up. But there are stop lights a few places and the intersection with Florida isn't great and also, since it's a commercial strip, there's a lot of shenanigans (and Shenanigans) with trucks unloading and loading and taxis doing the same, but with people, instead of goods. 19th has none of that since it's a residential strip and once you get past the stop signed intersection at Columbia, the only thing to worry much about is the intersection with Florida, which is less complicated than the one at 18th. T Street proved easy too.

For most of the day, in spite of knowing it wasn't, I thought it was Friday. Tomorrow is Friday. I'm going to try to make it to Coffee Club.

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