Rides 9/29

Rain again so I was still in the Ogre, but I decided to treat myself to a mildly circuitous route to work that required me to ride down into the park (at the bottom of the Adams Mill hill, I consider everything 'park,' but I think a lot of it is actually Mount Pleasant) and then over the parkway and then up Porter Street. On Harvard and Klingle there are bike facilities (mostly lanes but a few tiny spots of sharrows) and there's a new buffered bike lane on the downhill stretch of Klingle. I thought that the bike lane might have turned into a climbing lane on Porter, but it doesn't. I'm not sure why. There might be some afternoon changes that turn the right parking lane into a driving lane and that's probably the reason.

Bike lane on Klingle with artisanal leaf decor
Porter is a slog. I ride it so rarely that I forget this. I thought that maybe the part of Porter from the park to Connecticut was the worst, but that wasn't so bad today. I thought that maybe the part of Porter from Connecticut to Wisco (yes, Wisco- it's gonna be a thing. We're making it a thing) wasn't so bad, but it seemed kind of bad today. Funny how the same hill can be so wildly different. I blame plate tectonics and not the fog of memory.

if cars are fast and bikes are slow, how come I passed so many of these people? 
Turns out work installed a fix-it stand recently in the corner of the garage where I park my bike. Thanks, work!

Fix it
I headed to the grocery store at the end of the day and thereafter decided to take Macomb down to Connecticut. I then treated myself to a ride through the zoo. I realize that preceding sentence sounds vaguely Seussian. Or at least whimsical. But it was whimsical or at least as whimsical as a ride through a zoo access road and parking lots can be. Which is to say, pretty freaking whimsical. I might have past the ostriches but I can't say for sure. Guess I had my head in the sand. I don't know why more drivers don't cut through the zoo. There are speed bumps, but it's otherwise empty. Anyway, drivers, if you're reading this, um, please don't cut through the zoo.

After the zoo, I went up Adams Mill, though it might have been less steep to head up Harvard and then over somehow after that. I really need to spend more time riding in Mount Pleasant. After Adams Mill was 18th and then it was home. A good pair of rides in which I somehow avoided any heavy rain. One more rainless bike commute in the books.

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