Ride Home 1/31

Song I was singing to myself when I rolled into the garage: Bulletproof by LaRoux.
(This conceit is going to show you what absolutely horrible taste I have in music)

Number of other bikes on the road: maybe 4

What I found waiting for me in the mail when I got home: a check from the DMV made out to Chase Motor Finance for $16 for returning my license plates . What am I supposed to do with that? "Hi, I'm Chase M. Finance, WASP from Connecticut, and I'd like you to cash my check, please"

Cold and the freezing rain tonight probably means that I'm not going to ride for at least another day. My definition of all-year bike commuter means that I'm equally willing to ride to work every day of the year, though things like weather (thundersnow, for example) will impact my decision.
The Key Bridge has more rocks and salt on it than a cheap margarita. No close calls, though the ice is pretty slippery- only once did I have to ride through some ice, and while I was made temporarily off-balance, it wasn't enough to bump into the rear-view mirror of the Toyota Corolla next to me. Piled-up snow means that all bike lanes become half bike lanes, so that adds a marginal degree of difficulty, though degree of difficulty is not why I ride back and forth to work.
Embarrassing mug shot.

In my earlier post, I said that I looked like  "space miner/moleperson." I take that back, on account that I have no clue what a "space miner" is or why I said that. I think upon further review, I'd say that I look like like a French New Wave bandit. It's the ridiculous hat combined with the Lisa Loeb sunglasses that I'm especially proud of. Oh well. This is not chic, but it keeps me warm.

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