Don't Mess with Chicago Bikers

Because you never know who you might be messing with:
Emanuel, who infamously created a hit list of political enemies he wished were emphatically “dead” (his word, not mine) back when Sarah Palin was a nobody in Wasilla, is an avid cyclist who’s as serious about biking as he is politics. He’s a triathlete who has difficulty playing well with others, and he’s known as an aggressive lycra-clad jerk who rides too fast on recreational trails. Expanding Chicago’s bicycling plan is a central part of his proposed transportation plan for chicago.
To steal a play from Rahm's book, you pass me too close going too fast, I'm throwing a dead fish at your car. Of course, that'll require me to carry a bunch of dead fish in my panniers, so it'll be a Pyhrric victory for me at best.

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