An Apology to CaBi

A reader recently pointed out to me that it comes off like I'm being too hard on the CaBi bikes and focused more on their limitations than their positive aspects, as well as the positive aspects of the system as a whole. And while I'm sure this will cause a huge hubbub in the bike blogosphere have no real impact whatsoever, I'd like to apologize in writing to the CaBi bikes and point out the things about them I love, in no particular order. 

1. They're easy to ride. This is the best thing about them. 

2. They have full fenders and a coat/skirt guard, along with a full chaincase. When you get on one of these bikes, you don't have to worry about getting dirty from road spray or from chain grease. This is a huge advantage over other bikes and makes city riding enjoyable. 

3. They're red and beautiful. I once read a post that said they were the most attractive of all bikeshare bikes, but I can't find it now and my googling has been fruitless. Take my word for it- they're nice looking. 

4. I learned yesterday that there's a black line on the front of the seat post that helps you make sure that the adjustable seat is always lined up to face exactly front. That's a great design feature and I didn't notice it until yesterday. 

While I could go on, I won't. Capital Bikeshare bikes are great and I'm sorry if I've been unfairly harsh in describing their limitations. But as someone who a morning off of work to attend the launch at DOT, I consider myself lucky as to have access to one (or 1,100). 

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