Sunday Errand Ride 2/13

Took the Haul out of Whole Foods for no other real reason than to get a growler of beer. I also got half and half (for baking scones, not putting in coffee) and some mixed greens. I've blogged about this before, so I won't go into great detail about the process by which I transport beer. I made it back without spilling anything and I consider this a victory. I'd love to teach a couse about transporting beer by bike or maybe just attend one. It could end with a trip to the liquor store to bring various vessels (bottles, cans, growler, keg [advanced class]) of beer back. We could also make certificates in Print Shop that have a border composed of beer bottles and mugs. Or whatever that modern day equivalent of Print Shop is.
Whole Foods in Clarendon is a mess and you'd have to hold a gun to my head to make me drive there on a weekend. I'm thinking about starting a business where I just go to Whole Foods for people and buy them their organic eggplant or whatever and just bike it to their house. I think that it would only take one time in the parking lot  (or backed up on Clarendon Blvd) before someone would consider paying a premium for a service like that.
It's not really winter today, but it's not spring yet either. It certainly didn't get to be 50 degrees.
The Haul has almost been completely modified to my liking, except that I really want to add a Brooks B67 in place of the weird, too narrow saddle that came stock with the bike. But, after coming home yesterday, I boldly announced that I wouldn't be spending any of my money on bike stuff for "like a year or six months." I plan to stick to that pledge, but at the same time, to think creatively about circumventing it. For example, I get $20 a month from my employer for biking to work. It's not a pre-tax deduction, so it's not even my money. So, if I save that for 6 months, I can get the Brooks. That's my plan for now, but I'll need a find a bike shop that stocks them and also accepts the bike commuter benefits. The benefits come in check form made out to "participating bicycle shop or storage facility" so I can't spent it on drugs or candy or something. I think that if the benefits people really knew me, they'd recognize that most of my cash flows towards bike stuff anyway and a $20 bill would be sufficient to relay the same benefit. In any case, I've got a few months before my cache of checks builds to the point that I'll need to worry about exchanging it for something extravagant, so I hope by then to have moved this plan from its inchoate stages to something that actually has a chance to work.

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