New Blog Name, Same Blog Content

I've ditched my own name (because I contain multitudes, really, and I'm not just defined through daily recaps of  a bicycle commute or whatever) for the blog and have adopted "Tales from the Sharrows." This is what a sharrow is. I think that the sharrow is not only a useful road marking, but also a good metaphor for what this blog is all about- sharing the road with you, my readers. Sharrows are all about integration, togetherness and awareness of others' diversity. Did that sound cloying and self-serious enough? Ok, good.

PS- I'm not taking down any old content, so if you stumble on some random tax policy if you're looking back through old posts, don't be alarmed. Also, I'm not going to promise a tax policy-free blog either, so that sort of stuff might still come up. In a way, sharrows are a great metaphor for progressive tax policy... what's that? You're never reading this blog again? Oh, sorry.

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