Ride in 2/3

It was cold. It was also windy. I think that the wind was worse than the cold. Allegedly, there was black ice, but I didn't see any- though I suppose that's the point. Let's just say I wasn't adversely affected by any ice, black or otherwise. Roads are slowly getting back to normal. What had been swaths of icy sludge a few days ago is now only sporadic and considerably diminished sludge patches.
I decided to take a detour from my normal route down Clarendon Blvd and take 15th street, which turns into 14th street, which turns into N Fairfax drive which runs along Arlington Blvd all the way down to Lynn Street. It was a nice downhill, though the road is crappy and there are a few dangerous intersections where cars enter from Arlington Boulevard. I did this mostly to mix things up, as it turned out to be impractical for crossing the Key Bridge on the side where I wanted to cross. I cut through Gateway Park, which not a pleasant place, unless you like brown corrugated concrete and watching cars idle in traffic, and I'm glad that they are at least in the preliminary stages of trying to make it a better place. It'll always be on the periphery of Rosslyn, so I'm not sure that it'll ever be a lunch time outside hang out park, but if they put a beer garden there, that'd change my opinion. It would also make for more inebriated office workers.
I saw a colleague walking into work, so I stopped along New Mexico about halfway up. I walked by bike up the sidewalk and accidentally knocked her shoe off. Another example of dangerous cycling.

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