Ride in 2/4

It's Friday and, for the first time in a long time, I biked in four days this week. Maybe I'm a weakling, but by Fridays my legs always feel just the littlest bit sore, at least for the first maybe quarter of a mile. Luckily, I once again had the frigid cold to anesthetize me. Want to see what my commute looks like? At least for the Arlington parts? Well, a hyperlocal blog commissioned a video to accompany its story on the three foot pass bill wending its way through the Virginia legislature. You can thank me for this next time you want to spend 11 minutes biking commuting vicariously.
Stuck behind a garbage truck in Georgetown today. And no, garbage trucks in Georgetown aren't like this.  Since the roads are relatively narrow, heavily trafficked and with a fairly short distance between stop signs, I decided to do the closest thing to off-roading that I habitually do- that is take my bike onto the ruddy and weathered brick sidewalks of 35th street. It's perfectly legal and saved me some time, though I don't particularly enjoy it. For sure, it's better than sucking in exhaust fumes and rich person garbage smell.
More later on my bike maintenance class, or as I like to call it, Tool Academy. This is a clip from the eponymous VH1 show, filtered through The Soup. I don't know if at the end of the class I was more like the girlfriend, shocked and hurt, or more like Angelo, weeping and delusional. Anyway, I'll share more later.

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