A Big Thank You

A super huge (which I pronounce, to the chagrin of many, as yooge) thank you to the guest bloggers Lori and Kate. If a quarter of my posts were half as informative and a third as motivational and I had twice the knowledge of fractions as I currently do, well, then I would consider myself successful. I haven't yet received any email requests to leave town more often, but I fully expect them. Please limit the expletives. Once we square away the details of the whole Chinese food thing, I'll be sure to blog about that as well. Kate and Lori are both on Twitter, Kate has a righteous blog of her own (where she gives away gift cards!) and once Lori gets hers going (which I think the people rightly demand), I'll link to that too.
Regarding my time in LA, I was there to meet with some producers about turning Tales from the Sharrows into a late-night HBO program modeled on Taxi Cab Confessions. It was going to be called Tail in the Sharrows. Unfortunately, the producers read the blog and realized that there's nothing sexy or even tawdry about it and it's hard to translate whining about ANC autocentrism into a tv show anyway. I'm just kidding. I was in LA to film an episode of Jeopardy! which will air on July 21. So, there's that.

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