Ride In 3/25

Mercurial weather (though no Mercurian weather, which would be very hot) meant that once again the hat and gloves were required for the morning ride. I was looking forward to my ride because it's nice to get back on the bike after some time off (though we did bike once in LA, which I'll post about later), but I was laden like a pack mule with two pairs on shoes, a towel, and a laptop that says Dell but was probably made in the neolithic it's so heavy all stuffed in my pannier, along with my change of clothes. I find that sometimes a little weight on the rear rack makes the bike run smoother (this might be all in my imagination), but this wasn't really the case today. I just went slower.
Remember the hipster I saw once? Or at least remember me mentioning him? Saw him this morning riding in down Fairfax. He timed the lights better than I did (or just got lucky) and passed me as I slowly started pedaling after a red changed to green. I caught back up to him, but he successfully darted through traffic in a way that I did not find replicable. He was past Northside Social before I managed to turn onto Kirkwood. So elusive.
I saw a mom riding with her daughter this morning along Key Boulevard with the daughter on the sidewalk and the mom on the left side of the street (in the path of oncoming traffic). I thought, "well, that's good and bad." The girl was young, maybe 6 or 7, but it would still be nice if streets were such that parents and kids could ride in them together and feel safe.
Crew teams in the Potomac, in spite of the cold and the fact that they've been putting motors and sails on boats for a  very long time. Did you hear that DDOT was launching Capital Boatshare? Well, not really. But the launch of Capital Boatshare will feature prominently in my counter-factual alternative fake history of the second Fenty term called Myopic Little Twits.
Slow going through Georgetown and up to work. I saw a bumper sticker that read "No Forced Vaccinations in America." I think that's a nice complement to my tattoo of "Polio 4-ever."
When I got the work, there was a sign hanging from the door knob of the locker room that looked like a Do Not Disturb sign from a hotel. It said "Locks Changed." I can aver that they were because I tried to use my key anyway. I'm highly incredulous of signs. Someone had lost her purse, so they changed all the locks on the first floor. As a result, I got to wander through the building wearing my bike ensemble which is always fun. I eventually got a master key and my new key should be coming today.

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