Ride Home 3/15

I missed a driveway! Or at at street that's kind of a driveway. So many cars probably back out of here and I completely failed to account for it. Looks that way, right?

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It looked like it was going to rain, so I followed the bicycling rain laws which makes stop signs even more optional than usual. Just kidding. Scofflaw jokes are my bread and butter.
I saw two prime examples of the rarest of common Georgetown types, the Jane Hoya (this guy gets it mostly right). It's ok for me to poke fun at Jane because I have a lot of friends who are Janes. Wait, that's not true. I mean, I knew a lot of Janes in college. Or, I would have if they ever talked to me- why didn't I just play lacrosse in high school? Why weren't they more interested in Lord of the Rings? I might have seen one once on an elliptical machine. Anyway.
Highbrow bumper sticker day on 34th street (not a sequel to the famous Christmas movie). There was one that I couldn't read that said something about Nanking in the font used for Space Invaders. And there was one that I could read, but couldn't understand, that was "Comp Lit = Lit Crit. Think Outside the Box" If only I had gone to grad school...wait, I mean, if only I had gone to a better grad school.
Some unsolicited advice about crossing Lee Highway. Don't try to do it from the sidewalk. Cars turning right are not looking for you. I did my signature head swivel move and it made no difference whatsoever. I even had the walk light in the cross walk. Get off the sidewalk at the Marriot exit and merge back into the travel lane. Way safer.
I saw a real life genuine hipster on Wilson Boulevard. I was like, whoa hipster, you're a long way from Columbia Heights. Because I refer to hipsters as if they're wild palominos. He had a fixie, did a track stand at a stop light, was wearing knickers, had a sticker that said BIKE on his bike (so ironic?), scruffy beard, the whole thing. I even tried to get a picture, but stupid password protect foiled me. Data security is a distant second to taking pictures of hipsters. See if you can find him:
Worst Picture Ever
I couldn't catch up with him (why can't I weigh 90 pounds? Shouldn't the American Spirits and PBRs slow him down?) and he must have turned off Wilson somewhere.
Some motorcycle guy really revved his engine when he peeled out past my on Fairfax Drive. I get it- it's small. You don't need to cause an accident though. Speeding is very dangerous. And the noise pollution. Ugh.

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