Ride Home 3/28

Filled the sense of smug self-satisfaction pride that can only come from writing a letter about a minor, parochial important local issue concerning my not dying the safety of vulnerable road users to a public official (representation without taxation? I live in Arlington), I set  off from work in relatively good spirits. For the first time ever (ever!), a fellow cyclist was biking down New Mexico Avenue at the same time I was. She rode her brakes. Hard. I didn't want to pass her- it doesn't seem like a safe thing to do going downhill. I guess it made me consider whether I'm being reckless on my daily escape from work. I didn't consider it very deeply though.
I found a kindred bell-ringing spirit on the Key Bridge today. He dinged about as frequently and with as much pique as I normally do. He was wearing a red pullover and had his jeans tucked into his white  crew socks.
Ding, ding. 
Taking this picture didn't seem like the safest thing to do. In fact, I considered it, and it probably was reckless. Sorry everyone.
I took the Custis with the intention of getting off at Veitch, but while I biked along merrily behind White Socks, we were passed (I'm pretty sure) by the guy whose bike once sprayed dirt in my face. I decided to ride with him awhile. And by ride with him, I mean, glom onto his back wheel and see how long I could stay close behind him. I'm not trying to be competitive- it's more just a game that I play for my own distraction. I stuck with him (and we were going along pretty quickly) all the way to Quincy, where I left the trail, pleased with my own pointless effort.
Car crash, of some sort, at Quincy and Wilson. A minivan protruded into where the bike lane is (theoretically- it's not currently painted or in any sense visible). I guess it didn't need to be moved because it wasn't inconveniencing car traffic.
Do you live (or bike) in Arlington? If so, do this. This concludes the advocacy portion of this blog post.

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