Ride Home 3/4

This blog post is brought to you with the help of three sips (so far) of a well-earned gin & tonic. (Yes, it's the signature drink of Floridian blue hairs and late-Raj imperialists, but they're also delicious.)
Oof. I just wasn't feeling it today. I decided that I didn't really want to bike uphill very much on my way home, so I did some ad hoc route-planning right before leaving and decided to take the Capital Crescent down to the Key Bridge and then do my first ever opposite direction commute down Barton and Pershing.
The CCT was ok. I swear I passed 6 doppelgangers of the same bike commuter- 40-ish, windbreaker, bike pants, sunglasses, Cannondale. Weird. Though I guess that's probably the demographic of the bike commuter heading to upper NW or Bethesda.
I think that the CCT runs slightly downhill towards the city, so that was nice, but I felt like I was going slower than I should have. I even checked to see if I had a flat tire when I got to the steps at 34th st. Nothing- just a little sluggish I guess. (I remarked to a colleague today that between biking to the shop this morning and then to work that I went about 12 miles, but thanks to my weekend rides, it didn't seem so bad. I probably should have consulted my legs before making this bold proclamation.)
Lots of crew teams in the river. Hoya Saxa to Georgetown ones, boo to everyone else. That's some school spirit.
For some reason, I decided to stop on the Key Bridge and take some picture. Maybe the light was pretty- it seemed vaguely scenic. Feel free to judge an mock my aesthetic lacking.
Georgetown waterfront and Watergate, with Washington Monument protruding on right. I risked dropping my phone to take this nondescript picture of nothing in particular. Verdict? Meh.
Getting through Rosslyn was a pain because I was on the wrong side of the bridge. By the way, one the CaBi stations are installed in Rosslyn, they might as well rename the Key Bridge the CaBi Bridge- it's going to be the best and easiest way to get to Georgetown. Anyway, I took my Fairfax Drive route. I swear that my bike seeks out the roughest, bumpiest patches of road, though that's not terribly hard on roads that were probably last paved before Second Bull Run. The steel frame is nice.
Barton and Pershing are hillier than I thought. So much for trying to take the flat route home even if it was less hilly than Wilson. It was still fun. I almost stopped at El Charrito because I've heard that they have tremendously good tacos and unlike most times I had cash on me, but I declined. I also almost stopped at CVS to buy a big beer (I love that Virginia's beer and wine laws are comparatively liberal), but I begged off as well. Resisting beer and tacos is tough and I'm patting myself on the back as I drink my G&T and chomp some Fritos. So highbrow.

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