Ride in 3/7

Spring Break! For the collegians, at least. The kids are still going to school in Arlington as demonstrated by the multiple 30-strong congregations distributed every two blocks along Key Boulevard. Amidst the sea of turquoise and pink of Chinese-made synthetic backpacks and lunch bags are the three or four parents needed to ensure that there's no frivolity, horseplay or kidnapping. I wonder how far the school is and whether it would make more sense for the kids to walk. Getting stuck behind that school bus blows.
It was a Monday and I rode it like a Monday, pushing a little harder than normal and attacking the hills with more pep (because I can only use adjectives that describe 13 year old girls) and more "aggressively" than usual. This was fine until I got closer to work where my pep elapsed or maybe I just lost the boost from my morning caffeine. And so as not to make you think I drink Mountain Dew in the morning, let me clarify that it was coffee that provided my morning caffeine. This blog has reached a new level of mundane with that last sentence.
I decided that winter is over and I'm not longer wearing the full winter getup. Suck it, Odin.
On the Key Bridge it was very windy, so I decided that I would try to ride in the drops to abate the effects of the wind. I said aloud "to the drops!" in my best submarine captain voice, which based on my knowledge of real and fictitious submariners, was a cross between Sean Connery and Jimmy Carter.

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