Ride Home 3/7

Only a few things to remark on tonight. Also, want to keep it short tonight because I'm on my way to this. You should come if you live in Arlington and if you care about bike facilities. I was going to go with and/or, but you're not going to make it if you live outside of the DC metro area. So, once I again, I cater my word choice to not offend. 
I saw a pickup truck with a vanity plate that read SURF WVA. I took the WVA to meet West Virginia. A few problems there. For example, landlocked. And secondly, it was a Virginia tag. Maybe WVA means something else, like Waters Virginia Abutting. That's Ockham's razor, right?
Sometimes I wonder if sunglasses should be mandated for drivers. Very, very bright and seriously inhibited visibility. I wonder what the overall impact of sun glare is on driving. Those Freakanomics dudes should look into it. 
Lawyers- I have some questions. What's my liability if I bike over some pebbles and one shoots off my tire and dents a parked car? Second question, do you do pro bono work? Addendum- that whole thing about the pebbles is a hypothetical and in no way an admission of anything. 
Lastly, thank you Arlington County or whoever for paving the asphalt in front of the new Super Pollo/Bank building on Quincy. Nothing is as quite as nice as fresh asphalt. And just to clarify, the Super Pollo and Bank are two establishments that share the same building, though I think there's an opportunity for some synergy there. Yes, I'd like to make a withdrawal of a family size bucket of money. 

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