Ride In 3/31

Boring morning. It wasn't raining, but it wasn't nice. Like the aphorism, March came in the like a lion is going out like a wet sheep. The gross, real kind that lives outside on a hill in Ireland. They're pretty disgusting.
My favorite part of my ride is watching all the dogs get taken out for their last walk before their owners leave for the day. There's just a little bit of extra pull in the leash and a little extra spring in the paws. It's the total opposite for the somnambulant walkers. Especially today, where the light outside could best be described as "scarce."
Barely anyone on bikes today. I counted twelve riders coming in the opposite direction. This included a jaunt up Wisconsin, instead of New Mexico.
They're putting a Chipotle in Glover Park. They (and by they, I mean capitalists, maybe? Or whoever makes these decisions. Restaurants concerns?) should really put in Noodles & Company there instead. Do you even know how much money can be made just from the sale of buttered noodles alone? If it could get a liquor license, then it could easily become the new location for the stroller happy hour.
I've come to the conclusion that a pedestrian or cyclist should never rush across a cross walk. I think it's more dangerous than going slowly. Someone call Slate. The one "rule" that drivers (basically) know for sure is that you shouldn't hit a person with your car when he/she is in the cross walk. However, sometimes it takes a little time for a motorist to remember that. So, by going slowly, even though you're exposed longer (not that you also couldn't get hit by a car on the sidewalk, but whatever), you give the motorist sufficient time to remember that he or she should not hit you with their car. It's a theory.

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