Ride Home 3/31

I made the mistake of revisiting the GGW post I mentioned yesterday and reading the comments. It reaffirmed my decision not to have comments here. I can subject myself to scorn and ridicule in real life (I'm a bike commuter)- I don't need help from the internet masses.
Why does Burleith have so many manhole covers? Just because you can afford them doesn't mean you need them. At 37th and T, there about 5. At S, there are another 6. What's down there? Escape hatches just in case the Georgetown campus plan is approved?
My grimacing is increasingly less disguised while I bike across the Key Bridge. I never expected that I would have to ring the bell so damn much for people who are walking in the opposite direction and putatively can see me coming. There's a limited amount of space. I ding the bell because I think that we both can't occupy the same space at the same time and I think that maybe you're a little more on my side. I'm pretty sure that there's no "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Effect," whereby my bike can fly and take advantage of the Z axis. To the best of my knowledge, all families don't need to walk three abreast. Just saying. What's the worst Kenny Loggins-themed pun nickname for the Key Bridge? Highway to the Dinger Zone.
Whose Schwinn World Sport is cable locked to the lamp post at Oak and 18th in Rosslyn? It seems to always be out there. I think it might be stolen. I would have stopped to take a picture, but the light was green at Wilson and I sorta wanted to get home.
I rode down Wilson all the way to Quincy instead of taking Fairfax. Most of the time I take Fairfax on account of the bike lane, but sometimes it nice just to take a more direct route. I pedaled hard and moved along at almost the speed of car traffic. It felt salubrious and like a nice coda to a week of riding. But I just remembered it's Thursday, so it wasn't really a coda to anything.

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