Ride In 4/1

Another day in Drearystan. Though, when I got to around Key Boulevard, I saw this weird incandescent sphere poking out from behind the clouds. I think it has a name, but I forget.
Today I saw the hipster, looking decidedly un-hipstery in sweat pants and a rain jacket, at the intersection of Veitch and Lee Highway. Where do you come from hipster?
On the Custis, I was happy because there was a confluence of bikes. Lots of people on bikes tends to make me happy because it must mean that the weather isn't going to be truly terrible. I think my attitude towards rain is a little more wan than most other bike commuters, so I don't really even check the forecast. If you get wet, you get wet. I saw one guy whose bike had sweet trekking handlebars. That made me especially happy.
On 35th street in Georgetown, I was behind the G2 bus. On the back of it was this ad:

I can't tell you how many time this has happened to me. I'm just biking along and all of the sudden, I COMPLETELY CRUSH THE HOOD OF A CAR WITH MY MASSIVE BICYCLE. The verisimilitude is amazing.
I can't decide whether the ad is more inane or offensive. Here's what GGW had to say on the ads:
Everyone should follow traffic safety laws, but the idea that it's only the car that gets damaged in a pedestrian accident defies logic. MWCOG's Street Smart program is an important one, and this iteration of ads could be substantially less effective than what the council has produced in the past.
Talk about pulling your punches. Here's my opinion- this ad is a shit. Let's do a quick comparison between bikes and cars. The Mini Cooper is a rather small car. It weighs (unladen) 2,568 lbs with a manual transmission. My bike, the Surly Cross Check weighs (unladen) around 30 lbs. It does no one, cyclist or driver, any good to forget this or pretend it isn't true.It doesn't take Don Draper to figure out that this sends the totally wrong message.
There isn't a giant bicycle safety problem; there's a people, who happen to be driving, injuring and killing other people, who happen to be bicycling, problem. And this kind of attitude when there's some sort of attempt to redress the issue doesn't help either:
State Sen. Brian Frosh, a Montgomery County Democrat, isn't sure he's going to bring the Manslaughter by Vehicle bill up for a vote. "To Frosh, that new standard could be applied to the mother who fatally hits a bicyclist when she takes a glance at a crying child in the back seat of her minivan."
Let's say I'm operating my chainsaw, a useful tool that many people are capable of operating safely in a lot of conditions, outside of the Friendship Heights Metro Station, a stop of the Red Line, which many people use as their primary means of transportation. All of the sudden, my child, Gilligan (not a real person), starts crying and when I glance at him, I lose control of my chainsaw and it maims someone. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be punished, right? Help WABA help Maryland.
Anyway, sorry for all that. I don't even own a chainsaw.

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