Ride Home 4/13

Slow going tonight for some reason. Also, extremely boring. I try to keep my eyes peeled for pretty much anything of note, but I don't think I saw anything that passes my very, very low bar of worth mentioning. I might have seen an old guy in a hat. Maybe a group of teenagers. Sorry.
The Key Bridge is quite accommodating for bicyclists, but I'm pretty sure that they're going to have to move Georgetown (University) somewhere else. This might or might not be a stated goal of CAG. Maybe they can just put a giant curtain around it- if they do, I think this would be an excellent fundraising tool for the university. It's just too scenic (or picture-worthy?) and it serves as a veritable Medusa for pedestrians on the bridge. My many dings cannot break their stares and this causes me stress. I promise it'll still be there after you look up to see me coming and move slightly over. It may be "swift Potomac's lovely daughter" (while most alums have a pretty good, though mumbly, sense of the fight song- "lie down forever lie down" "touchdown/rebound" "dear old Holy Cross"- the alma mater is pretty obscure), but it's a hassle for bike commuters sometimes.
I decided that I would take the "trail," such as it is, that parallels Arlington Boulevard and take some pictures when I got to 10th Street. Here they are:
10th St Bridge. Trail will eventually go under new bridge (maybe). Sidewalk follows off-ramp.

On 10th St/off-ramp where I can finally cross the street.  About 100 yards off Arlington Blvd. Giant finger looming

I've crossed 10th street now. There's a staircase in the median. 

10th St Bridge takes cars onto eastbound Arlington Blvd. Sidewalk on right follows on-ramp to westbound route.  

Don't take the sidewalk on the left. It stops and you will be screwed. I've done this. It sucks. 

From merge of on-ramp and westbound Arlington Blvd. This will change (some day) and a trail will go under the bridge. 

"Trail" to Pershing Drive. 

As usual, the picture quality is dubious. The long and short of it is that currently the trail connections between Courthouse Road and Pershing Drive are non-existent to terrible and any changes that are made will be vast improvements. I just hope that the vast improvements are the best, most optimal, improvements that can be made and not just the most expedient. I was glad that no one reported me for "terrorism" on account of taking pictures near a military base.

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