Ride Home 4/21

Complimentary sushi is not necessarily the best pre-commute food. Even when it's of a decent quality and known provenance, it's still soporific- especially when consumed as a post-post-lunch "snack" at an end-of-year awards ceremony.  As such, I was distracted for most of my ride home. I decided that I would look around and actually try to take in both floors of the row houses in Georgetown. They're quite nice, in a small r republican way. I kept wanting to think they were like the stately homes of Georgian Bath, but that's simply not that case and I don't know why that idea wouldn't leave me alone.
Public Service Announcement: a vanity plate of "JD & MBA" makes you a douchebag. No one will think, "Well, I'm trying to open an establishment in a difficult regulatory environment and I'd like someone to assist me both with my business plan and the various legal problems concomitant with incorporation and if only there was one person who could do both of those things- hey, wait, look at that guy's license plate! I must get his number forthwith." Instead they'll think, "this guy is a douchebag."
On the Key Bridge, there was a gaggle of college-aged pedestrians and a cyclist in front of me tried to zig and zag through them, passing some of them on the right and trying to sneak past others on the left. As I rode up behind them, one of them turned and asked me- without the slightest glint of cynicism in her voice- "What side are we supposed to walk on?" I was taken aback not from the question, but from the complete lack of biting sarcasm that I expected. In fact, I might have actually guffawed as I said "Um, the right." She thanked me and called again "Guys, move to the right." I think it was a genuine attempt to figure out where they were supposed to walk. I don't know if they came directly from London or New Zealand and were asking the equivalent of the "what year is it?" question from time travel movies, or if she was just confused because faster pedestrians and bikers kept passing them every which way. I don't know where they were from (though her shirt might have said State College, I can't remember exactly), but, golly, all of the things that a fellow traveler has ever said to me, that was probably the most shocking. And I've heard a lot.
No CaBis. I really expected to see more. It was a beautiful day.
I played an totally unnecessary game of cat and mouse with a police officer, whereby I biked up on the sidewalk rather than wait at a red light, but then stopped after the light because I didn't want to merge back in with the traffic turning left from Pierce. So, by the time I got going again, the cop car had already passed me. I don't think he noticed me to be bemused and I think if he did not notice me he was less than bemused. The things I do to amuse myself tend to range from pointless to dumb. This was both.
I stopped at the grocery store to buy soy milk. It asked me again if I wanted the Senior Citizen's discount.  Do they olds buy soy milk? In the grocery store parking lot, I overheard a guy on his cell phone say "I don't fucking care. I just like to see her car in the garage when I get home." I don't really get what that was about.

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