Ride In 4/22

It's Earth Day and Earth wants us to celebrate its more frigid parts like Antarctica and meat lockers, so it provided us with a bounty of coldness this morning. I dressed in layers and told everyone, mom style, to bring a jacket if they're riding their bikes today. It's almost May and that I still had to wear thin gloves is a bit sad.
I decided that the way I would approach the morning would be to take a route that would keep me pedaling rather than getting stuck at light after light are turning into a bike-cicle. To the end, I decided to take what I call the "back way" down Pershing to Arlington Boulevard and then across Lynn to the Key Bridge. We had a "back way" for getting into "town"- with the library and the green and the gazebo and whatnot- where I grew up in Connecticut (in the 1850s apparently) and it was a less trafficked route that paralleled the main commercial road, so it has a pretty similar vibe to Pershing in relation to Wilson and Clarendon.
The trip up to the Key Bridge was pretty blurry, maybe on account of only one cup of coffee this morning. I remember being struck by something in the window of the European Foods Import Export Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish Foods store at the corner of Pershing and Washington Boulevard, but I can't recall what it was. Quotidian observation blogging fail.
No CaBis on the bridge, but a ton of bikes all through Georgetown. I think at one point there were 5 or 6 of us bunched together at a light. It was like Utrecht out there (Amsterdam gets too much bike love, same with Copenhagen. Plus who doesn't love the city who brought us the end of the War of Spanish Succession?)
I don't get why Georgetown's various eateries don't serve coffee in the morning. There seems to be enough foot traffic to not have to cede this market entirely to Starbucks. I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would stop in for a quick espresso maybe while standing up at a bar or sitting at a high top. Maybe one of the already established restaurants could rent out the space to someone enterprising enough to try it. I guess Dean & Deluca might do it, but meh to them. This was first pointed out to me by the official wife when we were on the bus the other morning, but it's even more glaring when you go by bike. Maybe I was dwelling on this because I was cold.
Up Wisconsin and I kept even with a 31 bus. I like biking up Wisconsin because I like biking uphill, due to my Tyrolean predilection for alpine terrain and needless self-martyrdom. Tyroleans, so I've been told my entire life, will go out of their way to inconvenience themselves and the quote "No, no. I'll just take the bus" has served as a stand-in for this sentiment for as long as I can remember. You can take my word for it or you can ask famed American actor Peter Facinelli, fellow descendent of those from the Val di Non.
I was stopped behind the 31 outside of the National Cathedral. What up, Jesus, I thought tritely on Good Friday. So that takes care of church. I later biked down Macomb and was briefly stopped outside of the synagogue of the Washington Hebrew Congregation. What up, Moses, I thought extra-tritely. Anyway, I'm now square with Episcopalianism and Juadaism and that's what I consider ecumenical.


  1. you really should spell B-movie actors' names correctly. I've heard their egos are a touch delicate.

  2. Noted and fixed. I never proofread this shit. Writing it is bad enough.

  3. I enjoy reading your bike commute musings. Got a laugh out of the ecumenical squaring with Jesus and Moses. Am sure they appreciated it.

  4. Thanks! I just saw this now, so please excuse my late gratitude.