Ride In 4/29

While I recognize that many of you visit this blog for its written description of bicycle commuting (hello Mrs. Snyder's 3rd grade class!), I know that sometimes my style can be overly attenuated, incoherent, inaccurate and thoroughly lacking. That's why today I'm compensating with an awesome adequate photo collection. Here goes:

I pass this church every day on Fairfax. Today, I saw that they are/were organizing a RESURRECTION BIKE RIDE. I know that bicyclists can be self-righteous, so I'm glad that we've kicked it up to blasphemous. "You may drive to work, but I bike. Sometimes it rains and I suffer. Like Jesus." Did you know that the Mount of Olives is an HC climb?

The bikes lights are here! The bike lights are here! Long discussed at the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee, bicycle traffic signals are, much like the second Death Star at one point, fully operational.  I was compliant because that's why they put them in. And because I wanted to get a picture and it took a while to get the camera out. I can't say whether other cyclists obeyed the light because no one else was there when it was red. It even has a green:
 There's another set down at Quinn, but they're not on yet. I don't know to what extent they'll succeed in regulating bike traffic coming down to trail. Only time (and the diligent counting performed by Arlington County staff) will tell.
How do you choose your tour bus company when you want to run a tour bus? Assuming truth in advertising, I always base my decisions solely on the what's on the side of the bus. That bus tour is going to be FUN!
Hey, Georgetown! Let's install a bike rack in front of LXR. I think there's some demand for it. This is an eyesore. Where's CAG on this? Let's get this addressed in the 2010 Campus Plan. Won't someone please think of the children neighbors bicycles!?

I love buses and I love bus ads. I also think that practicing safe sex is important, especially in light of the AIDS crisis in Washington. And I get what the copywriters in this ad are trying to do (sort of). I'm just not sure they were very artful about it. Maybe there's an * that I just can't see after the "put one on" that says "when about the engage in sexual activity." I don't think they're advocating round-the-clock condom usage. But I could be wrong and this ad might be underwritten by Big Rubber. I wonder if that guy on the bus knew why I was taking a picture.
"What's wrong, doc?"
"Well, I fear you have a case of Texas and it's terminal."

Not much growing yet in the Glover (you can't) Park community garden. It's still early yet. In summer, it'll really get going and that'll be nice.My wife might actually be helping a friend garden here this weekend.

Another Cross Check in the wild. Locked up outside of the Starbucks on New Mexico. Be careful- from the look of that wheel on the ground it might not be totally safe there. 
So, that's my morning ride in pictures. Sorry, no blingees today. Next time- I promise. 
In non-me news, looks like they've just finished installing the Bikeshare station at Farragut Square. I think this is a pretty big deal. Next big deal will be when Foggy Bottom is in, which I hope will be soon. Bikeshare right at Metro stations is hugely important and I hope Alta has a good plan for handling morning and evening rush hours.

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