Ride Home 4/28

There's a dip at the bottom of the hill that is New Mexico Avenue, NW where the temperature feels about five degrees cooler. It's sort of a weird experience,  but it's so short-lived, I never thought to comment on it. But, I guess I've gotten desperate for content. Remember that whole Turkish Airlines thing? Reeks of desperation.
I raised my seat post an inch or two the other day and I think it's a better fit now. Not to sound too bikey, but I think I'm getting more power when on my down stroke. This means that next time an old lady passes me, I might be able to catch back up and get within shouting distance. I should probably yell something about Paul Ryan and Medicare but that would probably just spur her to pedal faster.
There's a bike route sign that I pass every day that gives the distances to Woodley Park and the Mount Rainier. I know that, like you, when I'm biking around DC I always want to know how far I am from both of those places. They're also dog-eared in my Frommer's, much as they're dog-eared in my heart. Is there really nothing else of note in the 7.3 miles between Glover Park and Mount Rainier? Really?
I don't like when dudes in white tank tops ride CaBis the wrong way down one way streets in Georgetown. That might be a controversial stand, but that's how I feel. At least do it in a shirt with sleeves. You're making the rest of us look bad.
I think I saw a new Brian Weaver sign today. Not one that I didn't notice before, but one that's been put up since the election. Pushing your candidate after he already lost? Now that's unbendingly liberal.
On the M Street sidewalk between 34th and the Key Bridge, I was biking behind a family of three. The little girl announced "move over, guys" to her parents (or amiable kidnappers? I don't want to assume) that were a few feet in front of her to let me pass. Thanks, little girl. I said as much when I passed, but I'm sure reading this blog is on most 3rd grade curricula, so I wanted to repeat that message here.
I'm calling in the bike that's been locked up to a lamppost at 18th and Oak tonight. If it's yours, go get it. If you plan on stealing it, clock's ticking. Bolt cutters should do the trick.
Thanks Arlington County for filling the hellmouth/really big pothole on Wilson in front of the Safeway. I've been meaning to write about this for a few days, but I kept forgetting. It's important to provide positive feedback to municipalities for the services they provide and the good work they do. They're like Tinker Bell in that way. A
A few close-ish calls with a few cars pulling out of parking spots today. These things happen. In one case, it was a white SUV was a Cape Cod sticker pulling out of a parking spot in order to make a right about 50 feet up from where he was parked. I think that the relatively mundanity of his driving maneuver led to a lack of diligence on his part. According to this totally unsourced website, 52% of car "accidents" happen within 5 miles of home. I believe it. The more routine the driving situation, the more likely you are to take for granted the things around you and just assume that the familiarity of the environment is synonymous with safety. But, then again, it could be because of this:
“Forty percent of all trips in the US are two miles or less,” said Randy Neufeld, President of America Bikes. “Giving people the option to bike and walk can alleviate traffic, encourage healthy lifestyles, and create safe and inexpensive travel options. The even better news is cities across the country are showing us that if you give people that option, they really do walk and bike more.”
It stands to reason is 40% of car trips are two miles or less than proportionally "accidents" would be the same. But, that's for scientists and real bloggers to hash out.
Another cyclist and I diverged at the intersection of Wilson and Fairfax Drive by Northside Social. Whereas he stayed on Wilson, I biked down Fairfax and then left onto Quincy. While I was waiting at the light at the intersection Quincy and Wislon, he came down Wilson and proceeded to turn left onto Quincy in the direction that I was heading. I guess it's no faster to take Wilson than it is to get on Fairfax, which has a bike lane. At least if we assume ceteris paribus. Maybe ceteri are not paribi and I bike faster than this other guy. I don't really know. What I'm trying to say, in the most belabored and probably annoying way possible, is that given the option of two routes, one with bike lane and one without, you can take the one that seems safer for you and it will make no difference in the overall time elapsed.
Henderson between Glebe and George Mason is still not paved, but it's only been a day. No big deal.

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