Ride Home 5/2

So it was a quiet ride home, maybe on account of my leaving a little earlier than usual. Or maybe everyone stayed home because they were up late last night.
What percentage of taxis does you think are SUV taxis? Can you especially order an SUV taxi? Can you especially not order one? Are there regulation yellows that cabs need to use or is any yellowish hue ok? What I don't know about taxis could fill entire blog. I'm call it something punny using the term hack. Like VirginHackQueries or WhatTheHack. Ok, enough of that. Lame even for me.
I try not to stop on my way home because I like being at home and anything that defers that is something that I don't especially enjoy. I mean, I'll stop at the store, but that's only because that makes being at home better (on account of eating/drinking what comes from the store). That said, when I thought that I saw a new restaurant serving cevapi in Georgetown, I darn near flipped over my handlebars braking so hard. (Note: "darn near flipped over my handlebars" is a hackneyed phrase. Unlike a hackie phrase) Washington, being an unsophisticated culinary backwater and desolate foodie wasteland, has close to no Balkan food. This saddens me, even more so in light of this, which lives in New York and sometimes visits my brother for lunch. But, it was not meant to be- it was just another Turkish place. Let's analyze the photo to see how wrong I went.

Some rookie errors on my part. While the sausages look like cevapi, there's hummus on the plate. Hummus is not Balkan. Also, there's maybe something wrapped in a grape leave. And a fresh tomato?What was I thinking? Also, while there are some onions, there aren't enough. And that's no bread. And there's no ajvar, not that in my opinion, ajvar is strictly necessary. Should I have been thrown off by the pizza? Well, let me ask you if it makes any more sense for a Turkish place to be selling something that looks like a DiGiorno. In conclusion, I think what we're looking at here is some kind of kofte. Oh well.
I don't get why people don't get bells. They get horns. Is it a question of saturation or is it a question of learning? What if cars had bells and bikes had horns? What if I posed nonsense counterfactuals?
I passed maybe 12 bicyclists heading up Wilson and Fairfax. At the intersection of Wilson and Veitch, I saw four girls on CaBis and they were heading in the direction of Whole Foods. I was freaking out like Jack at the end of season 3. There's no station up here. Problem.
On Fairfax, I saw a guy with some really cool trekking bars on an other nondescript hybrid bike. When I rode past him, I turned and said "I like your bars," breaking my self-imposed, and not very successful, vow to leave people alone. I didn't really smile or anything and he couldn't hear me (I don't think) on account of his headphones, so I got a look back that was something between befuddled and "I'm planning to fight you." I thought about maybe trying again or giving a thumbs up or something, but then I just decided that it was the universe trying to tell me to mind my own business and don't even give strangers compliments on their cool bike components.

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