Ride In 5/3

I don't know how much I have to write today because I was distracted during my ride on account of having Teenage Dream (cat piano version) stuck in my head. I also sung, hummed and whistled it a little. This is a problem, but not as much of a problem as it was when we drove back from Denver to DC over Thanksgiving and I made my wife engage in at least a 4 hour exegesis of the song's lyrics and metaphorical meaning, focusing primarily on the issues of reality/unreality, dream states, epistemology, and to what extent anyone (in the song) is actually dreaming. To the best of my recollection, there was no mention of Pedro Calderon de la Barca's La Vida es Sueno, but I can't be entirely sure. Long story short, Kansas is boring and luckily I managed to shake it today by about the time I got to Key Bridge.
Anyone at that pizza party at the entrance of the GW Parkway? You left your pizza boxes there.
Trust me, there's pizza boxes there. Worst picture ever.
Bicyclist riding with traffic on the Key Bridge heading into Georgetown. He was moving at a pretty good pace and the backups made it such that he could ride the dotted line between the cars stopped to turn onto the Whitehurst Abomination Freeway and the line of cars stopped to turn onto M Street. I still wouldn't recommend it, but he seemed relatively comfortable or at least as comfortable as you can be riding past stopped cars whose drivers may or may not at the earliest sign of any gap, turn their vehicles and step on the gas in order to change lanes. Don't do it with a CaBi.
Georgetown Fashion Update! Unneeded First Letter Capitalization! The students of Georgetown were back to wearing their normal clothes (?) after about a week of wearing the free t shirts that are given out at basketball games. Our long national nightmare is over. Or is it? Because there are a lot of people and by people I mean women who are now wearing white pants. Men are still wearing cargo shirt. Oh, the pockets, I think, Kurtz-style. Is white seasonally appropriate? Do the old adages about Memorial Day even mean anything any more? Has Memorial Day been replaced with Arbor Day? Is anyone still reading this post at this point?
I saw for the first time a CaBi (and rider) heading down 37th Street today. I would guess he was riding from the Guy Mason station down to at least the University. I always love it when I see CaBis for the first time in a new place, excepting yesterday when I freaked out Jack-style. And maybe that time when I saw one on the CCT. And if I theoretically ever saw one being ridden in the travel lanes of the Key Bridge. So, by always, I mean when I see a CaBi being ridden in a place between two existing, open stations and nowhere else.
If you honk at a pedestrian who is crossing in a crosswalk with the walk sign, you're on my shit list. Moreover, I've got a camera on my phone and a twitter. And if that that can take down Mubarak...well, I'm just saying. I'll at least give you an ineffectual dirty look. That you probably won't see it because you'll have already driven away and I'll still be laboring to get up a hill won't matter, right?

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