Ride Home 5/3

I left work extra early today on account of being basically caught up and because the official wife was home sick and I figured that I could go home and maybe help with that. My contribution thus far has been stopping to pick up orange juice.
Sometimes I think about what happens when bike commuters get sick at work and have to go home early. Typically, I try to bike home because I really hate the idea of taking 2 hours to get home via bus and metro and bus and walking. That just provides wallow time, whereas biking, even when you're not feeling so hot,  is still the most direct way home. That said, I think if I were really under the weather, I'd just leave the bike at the office and use public transportation. Not being able to to bring your bike on Metro during rush hour is a serious hindrance.
Very few cyclists out on the road. I don't think I saw anyone until Arlington and then I only saw one other person riding.
What are you supposed to do when you're biking along and the right lane turns into a right turn only lane? I move over to the left side of the right turn only lane, but I tend to stay rather than move over into the still-go-straight travel lane. Maybe I shouldn't. I don't really know.
When I was stopped at the light at the entrance of a grocery store, I guy in a pickup truck pulled up next to me and asked how to get to the beltway. I suggested a route and he said thanks. He asked if I was having a good ride. I said yes, but that it was almost over. I thought it was nice of him to ask.
Just to clarify, I've noted recently that Henderson Drive was going through the process of being repaved. Well, it's been repaved. It was maybe 4 days from start to finish and Arlington County did a great job in a really short amount of time. I'm excited to see if there'll be bicycle markings, maybe sharrows. I don't know if they'll do a lane because the road seems to be a weird, variable width and have diagonal on-street parking. Lots of people bike on that street and the lanes would flow nicely onto the ones on Quincy.

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