Ride Home 5/6

It was one of those days when I couldn't find both of my socks when I went to change. I seriously considered that maybe I only wore one sock this morning on my ride in. It took maybe 10 minutes. That's pretty pathetic for a locker that's maybe 12x12x36. It was under my shoe, which I hadn't yet put on because I wasn't wearing a sock.
I avoided yesterday's mistake of getting pinned between the travel lane and the parking lane by taking the lane on my ride down New Mexico. If you had three in the "how many times I'll type lane in one sentence," you won the pool. Please collect your prize. It's a poster I made that has "lane" spelled out in glitter.
Lots of bikes out today in Glover Park and Burleith. Mostly riding on the sidewalk, but that's ok. I got the sense that most of them were just out for a fun ride than going anywhere in particular. A few commuters, mostly of the young professional variety. On 37th, I thought I was being pursued by someone on a ride-in lawnmower. That's what the engine sounded like. You might need to get your engine checked.
I don't understand what drives people to gun it between stop signs. Is it really worth it? I don't even pedal hard on short blocks with stop signs and I don't have to pay for a fossil fuel to power my means of travel. Seems like a waste, but whatever. Maybe it's just something about driving a Pontiac Grand Prix.
Crew teams. They sure are something to look at. Something to look at instead of watching where you're going and seeing if there's any oncoming bicyclists or other pedestrians. They really distract people on the Key Bridge from even enjoying the beautiful views of the Exxon on the Georgetown side of the river. They're missing out.
There was a guy riding on the travel lane of Key Bridge behind a big truck. I thought that the truck backfired, but it turned out that he blew out his tire. I stopped where he stopped and asked him if he needed any help. If you have a Brooks saddle, you are required by law to be gentlemanly while riding a bicycle and assist all other cyclists in need. You must do this whether or not you have an old timey mustache. I asked if he needed a patch, but he was pretty sure that the tire was more ruined than that. He said that he was going to call his boss and tell him that he was later. I told him to get home safe, but then corrected myself to say "or get to wherever you're going safe." Brooks products do not make you a more able conversationalist.
I really need to call about the abandoned World Sport.
The stretch of Wilson between Oak and Pierce is not the safest stretch for biking. Lots of cars pulling in and out of parking spots, pulling in and out of driveways and lots of pedestrians crossing all over the place. And then there's the Dominos delivery drivers. Be careful.
Saw some LDS missionaries on bikes at Quincy and Wilson. Better proselytizing through pedaling, I guess.


  1. How do I collect my poster?

  2. I think you just sold me on not getting a Brooks.

  3. Um, first I'll need to pick up some more glitter. I've been trying to add something special to my resume and I've run out.

  4. Nicole- please get a Brooks, regardless of the altruism it might demand. It'll be totally worth it. I couldn't imagine riding without one. It's wildly comfortable and highly recommended by others far more knowledgable about bicycles than I am. Pricey, but worth it.

  5. Here's the lane poster, albeit virtually. Yes, I did spend too much time on this: http://bln.gs/b/21dq0l