Ride Home 6/22

My place of work happens to be across from a church and this church happens to raising money for charity, namely the Heifer Project. This seems admirable and they've apparently enlisted (preumably) children in their cause. Here's a picture of the, I don't know, decoupage that they've put together to advertise their progress:

Now, I don't mean to do a whole exigesis and I don't want to mock charitable Christian children (too much), but I have a few concerns. First, three bunnies. How's that gonna work? Second, giant bumble bee? Does he get one of the bunnies? What's that gonna make? One pig and one sheep? Problem! Is that a hippopotamus?  And a disembodied horse head? Is this the Godfather? Anyway. Now, due to my very real, latent catholic guilt, I'll be writing a check to the Methodist children's group trying to buy livestock for the world's poor.
Bumper stickers are for lighthearted fun and should have things on them like a picture of a crosshairs and the statement "This is My Peace Symbol" or a picture of a bomber and "Peace Through Air Superiority."  Or maybe bumper stickers shouldn't be used to endorse casual militarism. I don't know.
I like my sexism like I like my booze: straight and body dysmorphing. And now I can buy it on sale!

Turns out that the alien hive didn't yield a hive of brain-eating alien supermonsters, but instead an alien beacon.
Better than a pile of mashed potatoes. 
It's actually part of a display put together by (I think) the Rosslyn BID to promote and differentiate this neighborhood/business district of Arlington County. There's even a map of notable locations:
Pictorial representation of geography. 
I like the idea of putting a map over here. Lots of tourists in the general vicinity and I wouldn't want them not to find the Ruby Tuesday or any other important locale. My concern, however, is with the sloglan, which you can't really see here. It's this:
Rediscover a new horizon
Now, this is both geospatially and epistemologically confusing, if not downright impossible. Horizons are tricky things, in that they are liminal spaces and also in that discovery of a horizon is a relatively meaningless thing, given that there is no one distinct horizon, as there is, let's say, one distinct Moon. Given our relative perceptions, aren't we constantly discovering distinct horizons of completely variable mutability?  This doesn't even address the idea of the difficulty of re- (as in again) discovering something new. For example, did Columbus re-discover America for a post-Ericsonian Europe? And can we even talk about the same landmass in the context of rediscovery, since both were "discovering" lands that exist in a totally different discourse and intellectual and historical context? As you might have guessed, this sort of consumed me for much of the ride home.

UPDATE: I looked at the picture more closely and I was wrong. It's just Discover a New Horizon. Still lame, but not as bad as I incorrectly implied. My sincerest apologies to the Rosslyn BID. 

When you jog in the bike lane, bicyclists will pass you. This is just what happens. Don't get snippy about it.
Think the air in my front tire is low. I will address this before riding again tomorrow.

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