Blogging Postponed Until Tomorrow

I'll write up the ride home from tonight some time tomorrow morning. I won't be riding in or home tomorrow on account of my working from home/buying a house. Here are some links (of a sort) to tide you over. I should be riding in for the rest of the week, but it's conceivable that I won't on account of some work stuff and carpooling. Might be time to find a more dedicated commuter blog, maybe done by someone who takes the bus every day. It could even be called "Tales From the Guy Who Takes the Bus Every Day." Oh, also, keep up with Chasing Mailboxes as MG and Felkerino take part in PBP. That's highly badass of them.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry, did I mention I was buying a house?

    (Good luck)

  2. If you want real estate blogging, go to DC MUD. Plus, you'll get far, far, far too much bitching about wayfinding once we move.