Ride Home 8/15

I saw a van with Batteries Delivered written in big blue letters on the outside. It's, apparently, a car battery delivery service and not a goon squad, though if I ever form a goon squad (which would be the least intimidating goon squad since Riff's), we're going to go by Batteries Delivered, copyright infringement be damned. Our squad will have no problem gooning intellectual property. That'll be the only thing our squad will have no problem gooning.
Legs just weren't happy going home either. However, I've deluded myself into thinking that it's not a leg problem, but a perception problem. You see, I've gotten so used to the vehicular cycling mindset that I am just shocked- shocked!- that I'm not traveling at the speed of the speeding cars that speed past. That's the only reasonably explanation. If you believe that, I've got a square-wheeled Czechoslovakian bike to sell you...
I hate having to half-yell at drivers who just don't follow the damn rules of the road and "obligingly" half-stop at four-way intersections to let me ride though. Just go! Go! Please, if you're there first, just f'ing go! It's worse for me when you wait and I have to wave you through because the driver hovering inches off my rear wheel thinks it's my fault and likely to run into me thanks to your largesse.
No traffic on 34th means the following: I'll get to M only slightly before the driver who starts at R at the same time. That's with both of us stopping at stop signs.
There's a new bike/ped counter on the Key Bridge. I was tempted to ride past like 50 times (grade inflation 4-eva), but I didn't know exactly where it was. I only saw it out of the corner of my eye when I biked by, so there goes that plan. It sort of looks like a smoker's pole. Please do not ash on the counter.
I took the Custis to Quincy. Pretty quiet on the trail. I passed a cyclists and she might have said "oops" for a reason I don't fully understand. Maybe she was saying "Proops" for a reason I equally don't understand. Girl with some sort of weird creeper (the vine) tattoo under (below?) her shoulder blade. Two bicyclists off their bikes and on phones at the sharp corner before the Lee Highway trail bridge. I didn't stop to ask if I could help because they looked occupied with the whole talking on the phones thing. No one looked injured and the bikes seemed fine. Rode behind a guy struggling on his Mongoose.  You know the best thing about commuting on a Mongoose? Me neither.
No drivers yielded to me in the crosswalk on Quincy. Time to write a letter to the editor about it demanding that drivers should be licensed and carry insurance. Because that'll get them to follow the law.
Finally switched back to index from friction, while stopped at the light at Henderson and George Mason. Maybe that's been my problem.

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  1. Ha! As I left my building's parking garage this afternoon I was behind two cars. The first went along...and the second went after a few moments. By the time I got to the top of the exit ramp a walker stood in the sidewalk and waved me on. I was attempting to stay balanced on the uphill slope of the garage so I nodded her along since I wasn't ready to burst into the street without looking. She then more firmly waved me forward at which point I lost my balance and had to put my foot down. I looked pathetic so she finally went.

    It's often nice to let bikers go but yeah, if we wave you on that means you're free to go. :)