Ride Home 8/30

Is this an e-bike? In bike parking, AU
Grouchy Groucherson here. No matter how nice the weather, no matter how enjoyable it is to leave on your own schedule, no matter the fresh air or the endorphins, no matter how enjoyable is generally is to commute by bicycle, some days I'm just not in a good mood when I'm riding my bike home. And today was one of those days. No specific reason, really. Just a vague uneasiness born of nothing in particular and in spite of the overwhelmingly wonderful weather. With bike commuting, it really is all in your head. Is it far? In your head. Uphill and far? All in your head? Cars too close with smoggy exhaust? All in your head (and lungs). It's all about perception. Once you can clear the perception issue, convince yourself essentially that it's nothing special or not a big deal to ride your bike and it's not especially far or especially onerous, well, then it's a totally different deal entirely.
But what can you do if you don't really feel happy about riding home? Take the Metro? Pshaw. Walk? Well, that's no better, You just ride your bike home and you just sort of get over it. Do you give a few extra dirty looks to drivers who block the bike lane? Probably. I certainly did. Do you say anything? Why bother? Maybe you say something like "Whoa. You're going too fast," but only after the fact and not really to anyone in particular. I did. One gets so used to the indignities of "sharing" the road with people who happen to be driving huge cars that it's hard to muster outage at the petty slights and antipathetic indifference. What's the consequence of driving your car slightly to the left vis-a-vis other car traffic is concerned? Not much. But as far as bikes are concerned? Quite a bit. I had to ride on the sidewalk for a couple of blocks, which is not my preferred method of riding.
I don't want to too publicly disparage students, but I think I have noticed much more speeding around the local universities in the past few days. Don't tell the ANCs. They might start enacting traffic calming strategies to stick it to them no good students. On the other hand, if this will get me some more bike lanes, please do.
Anything worse than a Harvard cycling jersey? No? Cool. Perhaps VERITAS could be replaced by CITIUS.
Still not feeling the whole 'uphill' thing lately. I think I just need to get over it. The more you dwell on it, the worse it is. It's all in your head.
If you're going to stop at an eatery such as Five Guys, it might behoove you to ask for a plastic bag to encapsulate the paper bag which holds your over-filled styrofoam cup of fries. It'll soften your fries, but it will also prevent your work clothes from picking up needless burger grease, which I'm told is "unprofessional." Well worth it.
Stuck in the blind spot of some giant black SUV and got caught in the driver's blindspot as he went to turn right. Said "Heyyyyyyy" as he almost moved his car into me. It might have been my fault for riding in the "no zone," but I suppose he could have been more responsible. No harm though. I think one's willingness to commute by bike is directly tied to one's willingness to be close to automobiles. People love "kicking tires" and going to car lots and whatnot. If you like seeing cars up close, just ride a bike. You'll see them plenty close and get some exercise to boot. (This is the most unconvincing argument ever.)
Would really like a "Bikes May Use Full Lane" sign on Henderson. I heard that it's forthcoming, but "forthcoming" doesn't always mean soon.

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