Ride In 8/30

I've had this suspicion that my front tire is scraping against my front fender (you would think I would have mentioned that in the post I just wrote, right?), so I checked to make sure my wheel was correctly skewered and centered and it appeared to be so maybe I'm just crazy? I've been feeling a little more sluggish on the bike lately (again, shouldn't I mention these things as they occur?) and have wanted to blame something other than myself, like the weight of my new tires or maybe that one of them is scraping a fender. However, I'm pretty certain that it's just me. Isn't there some phrase about a craftsman blaming his tools? (totally unrelated but for the title)
Not much to report from this morning. Yo-yo-ed a bit with Cervelo-man, Fizik-shorts in the USA socks (white socks with USA printed in black letters on them. This sock thing is becoming a problem) down Fairfax and Wilson and he caught a light that I didn't around Rosslyn and rode off to wherever.
Heavy bridge traffic, but pedestrians and bicyclists. Passed a bit too closely by another cyclist as I slowed for the Whitehurst entrance. She was on the move and I was just kind of pokey, so I can't blame her. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm always remarkably pleased by the number of bicyclists on M street. It makes me think that DC could really become a bike town if the politicians just let it. Whatever that means. 
Usual slog up Wisconsin. Nothing to note there, except how nice it is when a city bus gives you a wide berth. The little things, I suppose.
Way more bikes near campus since the students have come back. Got passed and subsequently rode behind a girl who really rode fast up Massachusetts. Riding behind someone has its benefits, but also some serious downsides. I tend to lapse in my vigilance and pay less attention to the possibility of a car door opening or someone turning across my path. It's never good to zone out.
She cut across the road before Ward Circle and I rode behind her, both of us trying to make it to the sidewalk before the onrush of traffic coming in the opposite direction. She made it with a lot more room to spare than I did, ditching to the sidewalk about a second before a speeding red (what else?) BMW arrived in the space that I had just occupied. This is an example of peer pressure and I share it with you to warn you that you shouldn't succumb to it.

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