Ride In 8/5

An ideal summer morning for bike riding. Not too hot, not too sunny, not too crowded. I don't know if it was too much coffee or there was something in my donut, but I felt really good on the bike. This translated into me trying to go faster which translated into me racing to beat countdown clocks which translated into me making my ride into a series of silly contests. But it's Friday and if there's any day for silly contests, aside from National Silly Contest day, it was a nice summer day like today.
I rode through Rosslyn and then M and Wisconsin and there really wasn't much in the way of incidents. The intersection of M and Wisconsin is one from which one can get the pulse of biking in DC. I saw a good amount of bikes there, coming from pretty much every direction. I think this is a good sign. If there was a cycletrack on M, then I imagine it'd be even better.
When there's buses and trucks stopped behind at a red light, I tend to jump the light. Assuming, of course, that the intersection is clear. I just feel safer that way.
There are a number of bike racks outside of Temple Micah on Wisconsin Avenue, which begs the question: is biking on the Sabbath ok? The answer might surprise you. Or it might not.

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