Back Tomorrow

The long-awaited, highly anticipated return of Tales From the Sharrows will begin with tomorrow morning's ride. Same bike, same blogger (sorry), but a new route that keeps me entirely within Disenfranchisedistan. So, for those of you looking for your Arlington updates, I will no longer be able to provide them (unless of course I take a preposterously circuitous route [maybe in the summer]), so I highly recommend that you set your twitter machine's dials (or is mine the only one with dials?) to @BikeArlington to sate your needs. But for those of you who have had a desperate craving for some rants about DC's poor east-west bike connections, amongst other bikey things, well, don't adjust your blogging machine's dials at all. And I'll still try to post the usual "irreverent observations" (not trademarked because my writing, according to the patent office, cannot be officially called "intellectual" property). And sometimes I'll post poodle pictures.
I'm irreverent. 

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