Ride Home 9/13

It's nice sometimes when there are no cars behind me and I get to choose my precise path on the roadway, so as to avoid bumps in the road, which are significant and not metaphorical in any sense. With cars on the road, I'm basically pushed off to the side and have to take the best path within 3-6 feet of the curb, which, believe you me, tends to be less than ideal on account of the debris and overhanging branches and poor sight-lines. But when the road is empty, or when I'm feeling particular cheeky and take the whole lane (mostly when traveling downhill at speed), then I get to pick my path and not have to ride over the bumps that daily prove my bane. And yes, I know where every single one of them is. Because they stink.
Boy (12 maybe?) on some mid-end Trek mountain bike, cell phone pressed to his ear and crossing the street. That's different. This was at Cathedral, so I guess he lives somewhere back in Foxhall somewhere.
Many more riders lately going up Tunlaw and 37th. Are you the same people I see in the morning? I don't think so because you don't look familiar, but maybe...? Can't be a fun ride at the end of the day.
It must be terrible to drive on M street during the afternoon rush. This terribleness will essentially make it impossible to ever get a bike lane there, regardless of how useful or necessary to the network one might be. No matter how many bike rides Jack Evans takes. Sorry true believers.
I love, love, love it when left turning cars yield on Nash before turning onto Lee. I'd love it more if I could be more confident on that happening consistently and b) not having to worry that I'm gonna get hit by a cyclist careening down the Custis. I'm sort of afraid of a bike on bike crash.
Second in a line of four cyclists in Clarendon. I think that two guys who were behind wanted to pass, but there was a NCVC dude up front, probably on his way to Conte's and maybe they (like me) realized that passing him wouldn't be prudent since it would be highly unlikely in the first place.
Another Tim sighting, this time on Quincy. He honked his ridiculously loud horn, I dinged hundreds of times and we both made nuisances of ourselves as far as sound pollution is concerned. Hear the solution.

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