Ride In 9/14

In non-local bikeshare news, New York has selected Alta Planning to install and operate its 600 station, 10,000 bike system that should open in Summer 2012. The good news: it's being run by Alta (the same company that runs Capital Bikeshare) so maybe some day, in the not too distant future, they'll be able to code reciprocity into the system and you'll be able to use your CaBi key in NYC and vice versa. This would be awesome. And vastly preferable to trying to bike from DC to New York in under 30 minutes to avoid accruing charges.
Really wonderful morning for bicycling riding. That's two days now and I'm worried that if it doesn't rain soon, too many people will start enjoying the benefits of riding bikes for commuting or recreation. Luckily, I think there are thunderstorms on the metaphorical horizon, so that'll dash that. It was so nice out that I didn't even want to wear my normal bike get-up and just wear regular clothes, but I've reconciled myself to the pointlessness (and wrinkliness) of this possibility. I also didn't really want to wear a helmet and maybe treat biking like it's a thing that normal non-sporty people do for safe and efficient transportation, but I just don't think that we're there yet. Waiting for Colville-Andersen is a documentary I'd probably watch. So, until then (or until I live much closer and less downhill from work), I'll don the semi bike-specific clothes and helmet and sunglasses and do the whole thing and visually separate myself from normal people just going about their day and associate myself with a class of recreational, leisure riders when really all I'm trying to do is go to work.
Rode behind a guy on some dropbar Bianchi frame with an IGH and fenders. Seemed like a good set up for a commuter bike.
That's pretty much all I've got for now and admittedly, it wasn't very much. I'd really like to take a CaBi ride this afternoon, but I think that work might get in the way of my leaving and riding around for an hour for no particular reason.

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