Ride Home 9/14

No one noticed, or at least no one pointed out, that my yesterday's ride home post was titled Ride Home 9/14 (incorrectly). It's since been changed to reflect calendar reality and I apologize to anyone whom I might have offended with this oversight. So, tonight's the real "Ride Home 9/14," though it wasn't markedly different in that I took the same route at more or less the same time. 
Seven (7!) bikes riding up Tunlaw between 37th and Calvert. That's crazy a lot for what's basically a two block uphill stretch in a residential, but not super-dense, area. (Though maybe I'm wrong considering the relative density of DC neighborhoods). All youngish, white men (today- most of the time it's a mix of youngish, white men and women). 6 on hybrids. 5 without helmets. And yet, I rarely ever see anyone on a bike on the other side of Calvert during the ride home. These must be the Glover Park bike commuters, returning home after a day at work or wherever. I wonder where the AU Park and Wesley Heights bike commuters are. They must just get home later. 
Sometimes its the minivan driver in front of me that's causing you to go slow and not me, the guy on the bike. You should take it up with him. 
Do they not have bike lanes in New Jersey? Cause, what other reason would there be for some Garden State-plated gold colored SUV to straddle? Driver carelessness and callousness? Never. 
Read this about the Arlington County Police force and its blatant misreading of the Virginia Code. No, in the grand scheme of things, it's hardly the greatest injustice that a police force (that's otherwise quite good) has perpetrated, but it's still not right. Does anyone know if the MPD follows a similar standard? 
Easy going up Wilson. For a while, I rode behind a woman on an orange Canondale mountain bike. Then, no one, but then on Fairfax, a bunch of other cyclists. There were probably more bicyclists out today than I've seen on any other day this year. That's pretty great. On Fairfax at Quincy, I rode along behind a woman trying turn left at the crosswalk rather rather make the left from the intersection (the way drivers do). I don't think this is a very good approach. She sort of looked at me funny when she rode up behind me on Quincy. Was it a look of recognition? Is she one of this blogs 8 readers? Am I delusional AND vain? 
Looks like I'll be biking this route through the end of the week, then onto the all-DC/upper NW to barely SE crosstown extravaganza. If anyone has any requests (you know, so I re-ride some "fan favorites" through Arlington [like Ride In 5/16 or Ride In 4/26], well, sugget away and also you're totally crazy for actually having a favorite route), let me know quick because you've got two days left. 

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