Ride In 9/8

It rained. A lot.
Spotted: Chris Hamilton, Arlington County Commuter Services Bureau Chief, riding his bike to work in the rain. Living the solution, even when it's wet. Also, salmoning a little (but that's ok).
I guess I understand why some people are fans of disc brakes on their commuter bikes. My solution has always been to not go too fast and to try to stop gently, but I suppose that doesn't work for everyone. If you're in the market for a good commuting bike with disc brakes, Surly is coming out with a new LHT that features them. You'll have to wait until February though.
Please put lights in your bike. It's just good sense. Even if it's some fancy road bike that you're riding to work for a reason that I don't fully understand, it should still have lights. If it's dark enough for drivers to use them, it's prudent that bicyclists use them as well.Also, a TOMS cycling get-up? Ok.
My bell doesn't work in the rain, so I "on your left"-ed it across the bridge. People only seemed moderately miffed.
Some sidewalk riding in Georgetown. Not ideal, but I'd rather do that than wait in position number 30 in a long line of traffic. It was raining.
I need to bring an umbrella to the office. My new job has me working in a different building from the locker room, so I have to schlep across the quad, which I did in the rain immediately following my drying off from the shower that I took post-rain ride. Dumb.

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