Ride Home 9/8

Not much to say about that.  Good thing I had fenders because otherwise my legs have gotten wet.
Some suggestions about riding in the not-so-gentle rain:

  • If you're going to sing or whistle any songs from the amazing movie musical Singing in the Rain, choose something other than the title song. "Make 'Em Laugh" or "Moses Supposes" are lighthearted and fun. 
  • Be deliberate. It takes longer to brake and visibility is less, so do be very, very deliberate. No last second moves. 
  • Don't apologize. You're in the rain. If you need to take the lane, take it. If you need to go slow, go slow. Don't ride skittish because the margin of error is that much less. If there's ever a time to really assert yourself, this is it. It's like that 80s movie when those things get wet and turn mean. I think it was called Heathers
  • Skip the trails (if you can). A lot of trails are tree-covered and storms sometimes bring down branches. I'd rather not "explore the seasonal foliage" by having a branch fall on my head. 
  • Ride where you can see the road. That means no giant puddles. Even though it might be kind of fun. But it's really not a good idea. 
  • Smile if you want. Riding down Tunlaw, I mad eye contact with a woman biking up hill. I don't know how I looked, but she had the biggest, toothiest, "are you f-ing kidding me, but this is sorta awesome" super smile. Whatever gets you home. 
  • You're not home until your home. Regardless of how familiar the terrain is, remain vigilant. If I were to make up a statistic, I'd say something like 81% of bike incidents happen within 18 furlongs of your domicile. So, stay focused. 
  • When you get home, drink something brown. Because haven't you had enough clear liquid anyway?
So, that's pretty much what I have to offer tonight. Stay safe. 


  1. I hear you about the brakes. Almost rolled through an intersection into oncoming traffic this morning. Slowed down and remembered to feather the brakes after that. Speaking of smiling: I got a big grin from a pedestrian this a.m. I think she liked my floral patterned rain boots. Those boots got me laughed before I left the house. But hey, my feet were dry, anyhow and they gripped the pedals just fine.

  2. I've been wearing my bike shoes, but maybe I should invest in a pair of floral rain boots.