Ride In 9/9

It's the dawning of the age of aquarium or at least that's what it feels like after what feels like 5 straight days of continuous rain. The rain today didn't seem to be so much falling vertically as hovering at about face height, allowing me to ride directly into it in order to assure maximum discomfiture (and discomfort). "Getting" to ride in the rain in the morning is considerably less fun than "getting" to ride in the rain on the way home. Frankly, I'm "getting" tired of "getting" to ride in it at all.
Bike seemed sluggish, but maybe that we just me. I ought to clean the drivetrain, but it's hard to "get" motivated to do that when I know that the next time will just bring more dirt and grime and invite me to do it all again. Maybe this weekend, but doubtful.
I think that one of the things I've learned throughout my time bike commuting is that my commute takes however long it's going to take and there's not much I can about that. Sometimes lights are green, sometimes not. Sometimes I have to go slow because there are cars in my path or because a trail is flooded or because I get a flat tire or because I just don't feel like going faster. So, I'm resigned to the fact that my commute takes somewhere between 35 and 45 minutes (lately closer to 45) and this approximation is good enough for me. Maybe this attitude towards time has been shaped by my 'learned fatalism" (not a real psychological thing), brought about from a cognizance that the roads aren't really set up for my rapid movement, nor are the other actors (not real actors) on the roadway overly concerned with my best interest and safety. Given that set of circumstances, I figure the best attitude is one of exceedingly low expectations for others and detached indifference towards the daily slights and indignities.Forget self-respect and focus on low-key self-preservation is my mantra.
I saw a car with no fewer than 8 college stickers on the back windshield. That seems like a lot. I think you should only get to have one per person. If you want to advertise law school, you should have to scrape off the undergrad institution. But I'm a sticker minimalist, so take my opinions with a grain of Goo Gone
Anyone who tells you that drivers with kids in the car drive safer is either ignorant or a liar. You can trust me- I bike by a lot of schools. This is why I support mandatory helmet laws for all minivan passengers.

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  1. Some of those "other actors" deserve an Academy Award for their portrayal of people that are not overly concerned with other best interests or safety.
    Truly convincing performances.