Ride Home 10/17

I don't have very much to offer tonight. New brakes good, which makes a big difference going downhill. Intermediately light out, so I had my lights on, but I probably didn't need them. I saw a very Dutch looking bike near Dupont, with full chaincase. What did the Dutch do to get a particular kind of bike associated with them that the Danes didn't?
Of all the buses I would hate to hit me, a double-decker tour bus with an add for the Hard Rock Cafe (or something) on its side would invariably be the worst. Within (literal) inches of my life. I don't have too many "come to Jeebus" moments when riding, but sheesh.
I think 11th NW is the way to go. I'm surprised how low the buildings are along that corridor. It's not super transit accessible, but I would sort of expect it to be denser and taller, more like 14th. Someone get me a couple hundred million dollars or maybe just Doug Jemal's phone number.
On Penn, there was a line of four bicyclists and we approached a red light and, miraculously, the same order was preserved throughout the light. Victory for civility. And slowness.
It makes sense to yield to pedestrians, especially when the drivers next to you have already stopped. Big party foul, guy riding in front of me in the bike lane. I'm sorry to be so judgy. It's very motorist of me.

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