Ride Home 1/6

My initial plan was to combine this with my tuxedo ride post, but I think I'm going to disambiguate them. You know, page hits or whatever. Actually, I think I just used the excuse as a pretense not to blog on a Friday night (so I could _______ instead...? Insert whatever you think would be an apt use of my time in place of the _________) and, perhaps more importantly, as a way to allow you to go on with your evening not encumbered with the onus and responsibility of having to read something on the internet about some guy bicycling. Instead, I'll encumber your Sunday night. Let the encumbrance begin. (The "Great Encumbrance" was the contemporary name for the now historical John Tyler administration (1841-1845). This is not in any way true.)
Thanks to a reader tip, I got to see this:
The front wheel is busted.
Only one explanation here and it's pretty straightforward: bicyclist was using his cable lock like a lasso, looped the sign, ripped it down with super strength, but the weight of the sign dragged him down as well. He then stomped on his front wheel repeatedly, enraged, and then left his bike there for carrion birds. Pretty sure I nailed it. Eat your heart out, Scooby Do.
I pretty much get stopped at the same places every single ride home. I don't know if it's because I'm on a bike that I notice it, but it's true and I accept it. I think, comparatively, I'm much happier with the predictability of my commute than I would be with variability.
I took 15th instead of 11th. Along the bikeway, I sat up so I could show off my button, affixed to my right breast pocket. I don't recall anyone saying anything like "Button!" or "Sharrows!" or "I'd rather kiss a wookie," so I'm thinking that maybe the button didn't have as much market penetration as I would have liked. Or maybe bicycle commuters are far too genteel to yell things at strangers. I'm going to compromise and say both.
Along Pennsylvania, I spotted a woman that I've previous seen before who lives nearish me (I think) and has compliment-worthy Velo Orange fenders. She also has pretty panniers, canvas maybe, from a company I'd probably know the name of if you told me, but can't muster off the top of my head. Anyway, on this ride, I also noticed that her bicycle has a chain case, which I also think came from VO. She wins.
On East Capitol, I saw a minivan transporting a kayak on its roof. There was a decal on the rear windshield for the U.S. Navy. Must the reserves. The way reserves.
The warm weather kept even more people than usual on their bikes and I remember the bike lanes being well more crowded than usual, which makes me wonder if people split their modes, taking the Metro in the morning, but maybe bike home in the evening. I think that this might make sense, but I'm waiting on the official DDOT statisticians to confirm this. There's an official DDOT statistician, right? The guy who's working on the surveys? Right?

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