I rode home. But I'm not writing about it now. Did it even really happen?

I'm taking an extended weekend and I won't be bike commuting tomorrow and there will be no posts about the Friday commute since there won't be a Friday commute. What I'll do instead, and not because I'm just super lazy tonight, is write up tonight's ride tomorrow or maybe Saturday, but definitely some time before Monday when I will ride to work once again.

Next week will mark this blog's 18 month anniversary. You can accomplish a lot in 18 months, but instead of doing that, I've just done this instead. Anniversaries are an appropriate time to reflect on the past and on the future and so I reflected a little and I've determined that I have endless gratitude for you all who read this and even more gratitude for you all who leave baked goods on my front porch (ok, no one has done this, but I'm amenable, so...?) and it would be unfair of me to not share this with you, as I would the plate of cookies that you might bring over. And then when we're both feeling a little bit ill from eating too many cookies, we'll watch some old episodes of Perfect Strangers and we'll comment on how it hasn't held up well and did you know that Bronson Pinchot had a short-lived show on the DIY network? Anyway. Thanks to you, for 18 months, I've been standing tall on the wings of my dream. See you tomorrow.

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  1. If there's no Friday commute, then surely there is #fridaycoffeeclub...yes?