Ride Home 11/15: Unexpected Everyday Uses for the Quadratic Equation

Yesterday I think the problem was me. Today, I think the problem was everyone else. Some nights traffic just seems thicker and people just seem sketchier and antsier and I can't but question whether there's some undue lunar influence affecting our bodily humors and causing a system that inordinately depends on large degrees of cooperation to just fall apart. And so it did. It wasn't the worst- after all, I was on a bicycle and relatively free to do stuff like ride on sidewalks and filter through the traffic and cross streets- but it was kind of crummy and I let it put me in a worse mood than I should have. Snits happen.

Mass to 23rd to L. I think I've identified part of the problem with the L Street Cycle Track and it has nothing to do with engineering and everything to do with Argentinian dogshit. Not literally. But in the sense that the norms of driving behavior need to dramatically shift (like, don't drive through the bollards or don't turn from the middle lane) to the point where the good behavior is self-sustaining. I think I'm going to take some time away from L and switch back to riding 19th and Pennsylvania.

I rode down 11th street and then turned left on E. I like E Street very much. It undulates.

I thought that I recognized Kate and shouted her name as I rode past her as she waited on her bike at the light by the US Tax Court. She didn't seem to recognize me. This might be because when I was shouting at the woman I thought was her, she was at home on her couch and not at all on her bike by the light at the US Tax Court. So, I hope that woman's name was Kate. Or maybe that she thought I was loudly endorsing cake, as is my wont. I frequently ride around the city at night and accost people by yelling dessert names at them. It's just my way. RICE PUDDING!

I haven't figured out the best way to get around Stanton Park since I have to get from the right lane to the left lane in the course of a left turn and it's normally cumbersome. Maybe I should just ride through the park. Or get in the left lane before the turn. There are some pretty straightforward solutions to this problem that I find a way to avoid each night. It's a gift, really.

#fridaycoffeeclub tomorrow at M.E. Swings at 17th and G (NW) from 7:30 to 9-ish. If you come, you might even meet famous #bikeDC couple Ed and Mary of this great video about them. I'll bet they'll even sign your autograph book if you ask really nicely. There aren't two nicer tandem randonneurs you'll ever meet. The Tandem Randonneurs would be a great band name. In a way, it already is. It already is...[fade to black].

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