Ride In 11/16: Fo' Fo' Fo'

It's never a great sign when two blocks into your ride, your legs feel tired. I tried to convince them that there was coffee on the other side of the ride, but they didn't seem to be terribly interested in that. I don't really know what kind of stuff motivates legs. Maybe long johns? Iconic lamps from iconic Christmas movies? It's been a long week.

From Fourth Street NE to 4th Street NW (where's the TFTS style guide?)  I rode behind a woman CaBi-ist in a winter coat and she was wearing neither helmet (whatever) nor socks (PROBLEM). I find socklessness to be a welcome diversion in summer, but autumnal socklessness? It was cold this morning. Her toes must be made a hardier stuff than mine. Yesterday, I saw another woman CaBi-ist who was wearing flip-flops. Is Bikeshare running some kind of weird vaguely fetishistic contest that I don't about? We've had Winter Weather Warriors amd Reverse Rider Rewards and now it's Shivery Sockless Sharers. Strange.

I rode E until 15th. At 13th, a man on a bicycle skidded to a stop to my left and couldn't help but cut in front of me, maybe from not wanting to or maybe from not being able to. Bikes: they let everybody have them!

Great time at Swings as always. The coffee's hot and the bathtub gin is cold. I mean, no, there's no secret bootlegging taking place there. None at all.

Afterwards, I rode down G street to 23rd and then a couple blocks further south to meet up with the Official Wife and we walked together back to the Foggy Bottom metro and then I rode over to 25th street NW and I waited patiently to cross K Street, which at 25th still resembles a highway. 25th street isn't connected on both sides of K and there are medians in the street and it's not a very pedestrian or bicyclist friendly place. When crosswalks feel like an imposition, I don't think that's a particularly healthy street.

I rode Pennsylvania and passed the Salvation Army where Penn meets M (the name of a less successful Nora Ephron rom-com with that magician and Judi Dench) . I find it remarkable that the forces of Salvation have left themselves so vulnerable to attacks by sea or air.

M street to Wisconsin and a pretty unpleasant climb up the hill. There were trucks idling in the right travel lane. There were buses idling in front of the trucks. There were taxi cabs doing whatever taxi cabs do (menace, I think). And I didn't heed most of these things because I was very, very tired from working my way up a hill that I'm pretty sure has gotten steeper recently due to plate tectonics/wizardry. It's not that I regretted taking the Brompton, but just that I regretted the Bromtpon doesn't have rocket boosters.

When I pass Reservoir Road, I think to myself "why hasn't anyone opened a Quentin Tarantino-themed dog groomer on this road?" because there's a perfectly obvious and funny punny name for it based on the title of one of his movies. Exactly: Pup Fiction.

The Glover Park street improvement project on Wisconsin is coming along and looks to be done soon. It doesn't look like an unrelenting hellscape of car traffic doom, but I'm sure I'm mistaken and I'll read all about it in the next NW Current.

Wisconsin to Massachusetts and I was relieved to ride down to the bottom of a hill before getting to climb another little one and then I was at work and then I worked. And now work is over and I'm over work and I'm going to go home.

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  1. But, Pup Fiction would have too much competition from Reservoir Dogs. Or for those who worship their dogs, Reservoir Gods.