Is twice a trend?

Pushing this back until tomorrow. It's probably for the best anyway. Some drivers weren't good about bike lanes and my response to this was less than mature and more than a little self-indulgent. And not even in a cool way either. I'll write this one off as a bad night, but first I'll have to write it. Pop quiz: Friday Coffee Club is

A) a Dragnet-themed espresso bar/nightclub
B) a security device that deters coffee theft
C) an informal gathering of #bikeDC at M.E. Swings
D) a misheard diner order of fried egg COUGH COUGH and club sandwich.
E) a useful framing device around which to come up with a silly pop quiz.

Seeya tomorrow.


  1. F) A forum for suggesting new, brilliant titles for this blog.
    - pants

  2. Let's see. He doesn't blog two nights in a row and the 15th Street cycletrack is blocked by scaffolding trucks two days in a row. Is it: a. Coincidence?
    b. Correlation?
    c. Causality?
    d. Coffee?
    e. Pea coat allergy?