Ride Home 1/22: Brief, Amicus

I'm taking the night off. It was very cold and I have little to say about that, though it didn't seem as bad as the morning. If I recall anything especially piquant, I'll fold it into tomorrow's "ride in" post, much as one might fold sour cream into a salsa picante for a bit of tang. It will be another very cold day tomorrow and I'm going to wear real, i.e. not bike, shoes. Bike shoes, it turns out, or at least mine, are made in large part of mesh, which doesn't act  to keep out cold very well. I had never previously noticed this, which speaks to my keen powers of observation. The more you know. "To less cold feet," I shall say, which is coincidentally my go-to toast for weddings. Or "to fewer cold feet" if you're a fan of Civil War medicine.

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